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CASTERTON WI celebrated its centenary in 2019. It has just over 30 members mostly from Casterton, Kirkby Lonsdale and the surrounding area.  It is part of the National Federation of Women’s Institutes (NFWI) that celebrated its centenary in 2015. It is also part of the Cumbria-Westmorland Federation of Women’s Institutes (CWFWI).
MEETINGS are usually held at 7.30pm on the first Wednesday of the month in Casterton Village Hall.  The main part of the evening is a talk or demonstration which is preceded by some WI business.  The Committee compiles the programme from ideas suggested by the members and from their own research. January is our holiday month.
ACTIVITIES:  Casterton WI encourages members to organise their own activities and during the year will hope to run social events in some form.   Members going on informally arranged activities do so at their own risk. CWFWI organises a variety of events, meetings, courses and outings which are all detailed in the Federation Newsletter “WI News” which is published 10 times a year - a copy of which is purchased for each member.
CASTERTON WI WEBSITE: We have our own website,, which is updated regularly with news and pictures of meetings and events.  It can also be accessed from the village website
CASTERTON WI BOOK GROUP  meets monthly.  New members are always welcome.  Please speak to Jill Humphris if you are interested in coming along. At the WI monthly meetings, there is a book stall to which members bring books they have read and these are sold very cheaply to raise money for ACWW (see below). 
SUBSCRIPTION:  For 2020 this is £43 which is divided between Casterton WI, CWFWI and NFWI.  (A dual member belongs to two WIs and pays an additional £21 to the 2nd WI)
The LUNE VALLEY GROUP consists of Casterton, Barbon, Dentdale, Sedbergh, Killington and Howgill WIs.  The newly formed Kirkby Lonsdale WI will probably join this Group. The function of the Group is to encourage members from neighbouring WIs to get to know each other and there is a Group Meeting with a speaker every May.  The WIs meet to organise the Group Meeting and take it in turns to host the event.
CWFWI (Cumbria-Westmorland Federation of Women’s Institutes) acts as an umbrella body for all the WIs in the Westmorland area and has a Federation Secretary who works in the CWFWI office in The Masonic Hall, Station Road, Kendal, LA9 6BT (Tel: 01539 720921) email  CWFWI celebrates its centenary in 2020.
NFWI  (National Federation of Women’s Institutes) is an even bigger umbrella for all the WIs in England and Wales with nearly 220,000 members in 6300 WIs and has an office and staff at 104, New Kings Rd, London SW6 4LY (Tel: 020 7371 9300).  The website can be found at General Meetings are held every year and 1 delegate represents 3/4 WIs.  Members can apply to attend General Meetings as observers.
MCS: Membership Communications System. Members are registered on this national database.
My WI Website: All members with an email address registered on MCS can log in to My WI through the WI website -
RESOLUTIONS on social and topical matters, submitted once a year by individual WIs, are selected and discussed thoroughly at all levels.  If carried at a General Meeting they empower the WI to try to influence local and national policy making.
DENMAN COLLEGE is the WI’s own residential college near Oxford.  CWFWI provides Bursaries.
ACWW (Associated Country Women of the World) is a worldwide organisation to which NFWI belongs.  Each WI donates money to ACWW and it is used to help underprivileged women worldwide.  There is a voluntary collection for these “Pennies for Friendship”, as they are called, at our meetings once a year. Our book table money also supports it.
COUNTRY MARKETS:  Our nearest market is held in Kirkby Lonsdale Institute each Thursday from 10.00 to 11.30am.  The market welcomes new customers and suppliers.
WI PUBLICATIONS:  The magazine “WI Life” is published by NFWI and posted to all registered members 8 times per year. 
WI BOOKS publish and sell a variety of books which are available from the CWFWI office, at Federation events and at Group Meetings.  WI diaries and calendars are available each autumn. 
PRESS REPORTS appear in “Around Kirkby Lonsdale” and “The Westmorland Gazette”.
NEW MEMBERS:  Casterton WI welcomes new members.  To find out more about us please telephone any committee member for more information.  Doreen Oxley is the hostess for New Members.
VISITORS: Casterton WI welcomes visitors. A donation is appreciated.

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