Centenary Quiz 2019


Thank you very much for buying our quiz sheets.

17 answer sheets were received.
The correct sheets were put in a draw and prizes are awarded as follows:

First prize, £15            Pam Tipping, Staveley      Second Prize, £10       Nigel Briggs, Warrington
Third Prize, £5            Elizabeth Coates, Leck

Congratulations to our winners!

Here are the answers:

1. It could be grave or acute (6)            ACCENT
2. A short while ago (8)           RECENTLY
3. Smell sounds like it was transmitted (5)           SCENT
4. Van Gogh? (7)       VINCENT
5. Invent ice for spur (9)         INCENTIVE
6. Fabulous horseman finds money and gold at start of river (7) CENTAUR
7. Nice to run into a Roman officer (9)                 CENTURION
8. It’s vulgar to dine out with little money (8)     INDECENT
9. Ann clutters, letting some light through (11)  TRANSLUCENT
10. Jan acted strangely alongside (8)      ADJACENT
11. Middling tube line (7)         CENTRAL
12. Introverted rite organised with tiny coin (8)  RETICENT
13. Seventeenth century style of art from frozen water in fashioned stone (8)    SEICENTO
14. Form of electronics without oil for a curved street? (8)              CRESCENT
15. Rent piece for location of shock (9)                 EPICENTRE
16. Focus of attention on a kind of camp (13)       CONCENTRATION
17. Selfish, for example, with concert I arrange (10)           EGOCENTRIC
18. Proportion of Supercentre perhaps? (7)        PERCENT
19. Position chewed ant for nourisher of baby (8)              PLACENTA
20. Blameless, at home, without a penny? (8)       INNOCENT
21. Have you searched every one of these for your lost item? (6)   CRANNY
22. Centra ordered for a book of tickets (6)         CARNET
23. Dream found in entrances to hotels? (6)        TRANCE
24. Tree with distinctive leaf and vibrant foliage (4)            ACER
25. Scalloped edge formed by sodium in Greek island (7) CRENATE
26. Drink of the Gods (6)           NECTAR
27. Gait found in American territories? (6)           CANTER
28. Respond about a pretence (5)          REACT
29. Go in as initially every new trainee enjoys rugby (5)    ENTER
30. Calcium and Savoie village makes pepper (7)                 CAYENNE
31. Odd tenner used to make junket (6)                RENNET
32. Cafeteria for able youngster? (7)      CANTEEN
33. Thank the Navy for this lake (4)         TARN
34. Charm your way in (8) ENTRANCE
35. Lawrence and girl get possession of property (7)         TENANCY
36. This French tempo for an embrocation (6)     CERATE
37. Sixpence for sun worshipper (6)      TANNER
38. Odd coast animal (3)           CAT
39. Northern diner is more orderly (6) NEATER
40. Fashion direction in box (6)               CREATE

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