Thursday 2 February 2023



Thank you to everyone who bought a quiz!

We had 20 sheets returned.

The correct sheets were put in a draw and prizes are awarded as follows:

1st Prize, £15:         J Holt, Darlington

2nd Prize, £10:         M Quinn, Kirkby Lonsdale

3rd Prize, £5:            E Dent, Whittington

Congratulations to our winners!

Here are the answers:

Former ruler in Scots army (4) TSAR

It’s a crime to organise a military truce (9) ARMISTICE

Sampler of food and drink (6) TASTER

Shirt and tie restyled in this decade? (8) THIRTIES

Swamp spoils hotel (5) MARSH

You either love it or hate it on toast (7) MARMITE

Amusement starts mainly in response to humour (5) MIRTH

Chatter about notched wheel (7) RATCHET

Overused tea ceremony? (5) TRITE

Mermaids without commercial can bubble gently (6) SIMMER

Church painter becomes a political reformer (8) CHARTIST

Rodent the rams upset (7) HAMSTER

Source of energy from southern squad (5) STEAM

Abyss has between one hundred and one thousand (5) CHASM

I’m put back in casket by scientist (7) CHEMIST

Sewer’s cramp? (6) STITCH

Some pharmacological damage (4) HARM

Reward returned in retirement? (5) MERIT

Sherlock Holmes described Moriarty as the ‘Napoleon of ….’ (5) CRIME

Elegant and quick-witted (5) SMART

Tree sounds like a formal address for a male teacher (4) ACER

Desire for new T-shirt (6) THIRST

Church is in ends of Satanism causing factional division (6) SCHISM

Too much claret, champagne and Beaujolais can make me gag (5) RETCH

Most terrifying actress I upset (8) SCARIEST

One article or a couple (4) ITEM

Crime that I organised is part of the Three Rs (10) ARITHMETIC

Twinkle as Monsieur in Rheims might (7) SHIMMER

A Scot goes East for spice (4) MACE

Send money for some more mittens (5) REMIT

In front of chef or mind in competition (6) MASTER

Tech is ordered code of conduct (6) ETHICS

Dissertation written by the little sister (6) THESIS

Check the slender part of a wine glass (4) STEM

Rodents, mainly in Central Europe, initially (4) MICE

A maestro brought up in Monte Carlo? (3) ACE

His camera captures racket (4) SCAM

This place sounds like a vision (4) SITE

At heart, Bergerac is too discriminatory (6) RACIST

Can be cold, sour or vanishing! (5) CREAM

The endless wrath belongs to them! (5) THEIR

 Small bird is odd twist (3) TIT

Excited sitar is one of a flight (5) STAIR

Firstly, Inter City Express is driving hazard (3) ICE

English county draught horse (5) SHIRE

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